The Human Microbiome

We are more microbe than human. Why do I say that? Because our body is itself a world, a world of micro-organism, living in accord with our cells. The human microbiome is an ecosystem comprising of trillions of bacteria, fungi, and viruses living inside human body in harmony. These microbes reside everywhere, from driest part like skin to most damp areas like gut and to oil places like scalp. Different species have adapted themselves to live in different area of body. In a healthy body the number of these microbes is far more than the number of body cells.


Know Your Gut

Building Blocks for a Healthy You

The gastrointestinal (GI) system is more than the body’s primary site of taking in and absorbing nutrients.The most complex, biggest and diverse microbial ecosystem of human body resides in GI system or gut. It consists of not less than 38,000,000,000 microbes belonging to 100s of different microbial species. These species performs many functions, from taking care of immunity (up to 80% of it) to keeping us happy. This ecosystem is known as – “The Gut Microbiome”.


Gut The Second Brain

Queasy. Butterflies.

We often have certain feelings when we are anxious, or nervous, or stressed. But if gut is the site for food digestion and assimilation, how we have “gut feelings” in there. How does our gut “know” things, and react to how we are feel? It happens due to presence of gut microbiome, which forms a connection between our gut and brain. And house the same neurotransmitters as found in brain and produces 90% of serotonin- our happy hormone.


Vaginal Microbiome

Just like gut microbiome, the vagina in women also house a diverse ecosystem, known as “Vaginal Microbiome”.Vaginal microbiome is ever-changing yet finely tuned, which evolves as a reflection of personal and environmental factors. This microbiome ensure healthy pH levels, keeps vagina itch and irritation free, prohibits the growth of unwanted microbes and keeps “Vaginal Thrush” away.


What Leads To Gut Imbalance?

“All disease begins in the gut.” – Hippocrates

Urban lifestyle: Urbanization brought us to processed food, pasteurization, less diverse diet, less fiber in to food and to further bring us lifestyle issues like stress, alcohol, lack of physical activity, lack of use of antibiotic, smoking and less sleep. All these factors kills healthy probiotics microbiome and there is no or very less supplementation of probiotics and diverse fiber through our urban food.

Gut imbalance – Dysbiosis: When the gut flora contains too many harmful bacteria and not enough friendly probiotics bacteria, an imbalance occur. This is known as dysbiosis this can wreak all sorts of havoc on your body’s systems. This imbalance lead to weight gain, diabetic, blood sugar issues, skin conditions, constipation or diarrhea, and various chronic health conditions.


Probiotics And Prebiotics

In order to come out of state of Dysbiosis, healthy microbes, specifically beneficial bacteria are must.

Probiotics are live beneficial bacteria which are very important to restore the natural healthy state of gut microbiome, and to keep gut happy, healthy and working as nature intended.

To keep any living creature nurtured, food is important. Probiotics are living and active micro-organisms, so in order to keep them active, growing and nurturing, prebiotics are necessary. Prebiotics are natural soluble dietary fibres, on which probiotics feed to thrive, multiple and diversify to colonize GI tract better


Probiotics, Gut And Human Health

The natural, healthy state of gut microbiome is referred to as “Normobiosis”. In the state of Normobiosis, microbiome not only maintains weight but also impact every aspect of human body. It ensures overall health of body. From keeping us protective against various diseases and cancers, producing various compounds and vitamins, skin care, energy absorption, proper brain function, to maintaining a healthy heart. But this state of Normobiosis do not last long in this urbanized world, where not only food but air is also not fresh.

Probiotics are the “need of the hour”. Probiotics change the state of gut microbiome from “Dysbiosis” to “Normobiosis”. Probiotic supplements plants’ the seed of beneficial bacteria in the gut just as at the time of birth, and reduces the harmful bacteria of gut, thus maintaining “Normobiosis”.